The entire setting of the College is based on the international trend and to match up with the development of the University. In addition to meeting the requirements of both the country and the society, the College also hopes to incorporate local characteristics into promoting the industrial development.

In recent years there is a mutual tendency as far as domestic and overseas manpower markets are concerned, and that is the high demand for cross-field international management professionals. The College has been driving its departments and institutes to march toward that direction in terms of training and education.

Moreover, since the local industries in eastern Taiwan has been gradually upgraded in recent years, especially businesses related to tourism, leisure, and recreation, the College has taken the initiative to interact with local industries to not only promote collaboration among the industry, the government, and the academic circle, but also integrating tourism and leisure, culture and originality, agriculture and marine industries, etc., together for research and teaching purposes. The actual outcome of such collaboration has become a major characteristic of the College.