Established on August 1st 1995 following the trend of international integration and division of labor, the College of Management aims to cultivate management professionals equipped with innovative thinking, global visions, and specialized knowledge as well as skills. The development perspective is to establish a high-quality management college equipped with specialized characteristics and emphasizing the purpose of application whereas the education objective is to cultivate management and academic professionals both with a global vision and capable of integrating different knowledge and analyzing decisions.

There are in 2011-2012 six departments, Business Administration, International Business, Accounting, Information Management, Finance, and Tourism, Recreation, and Leisure Studies featuring a variety of degree programs including Ph.D., Master, In-Service Master, International Master, Bachelor, and International Bachelor with 71 faculty members and 1,882 students in total. Facing the rapid development of globalization, in order to differentiate itself from those with the original credit system, the College has been working on incorporating teaching resources from all departments into creating a more flexible, forward-looking, and integrated program system. In light of that, each and every college- and dept.-level program is complete as well as independent, and beneficial to systemize teaching and professionalize learning. The program-based system is able to not only integrate teaching resources to make courses more specialized, but also give students an opportunity to choose the second professional program. With help from diversified courses, students can incorporate, even refine, more easily knowledge of their second specialty or sub-specialty into their major to reinforce their competitiveness when seeking employment.

Having successfully combined technology and management, the College of Management at National Dong Hwa University sincerely welcomes you – no matter what background you have – to realize your dreams in Hualien, and to learn the tenderness of the ocean.